Our Culture

Everything you might want or need to know about Black Swan Yoga


The mission of Black Swan Yoga is to create an accessible, affordable and community driven yoga experience for all. Our studios are safe spaces where all people can enjoy their practice.


Core Values

Transparency - Authentic communication always.
Community - Inclusive of all.
Love - The expression by which we lead.
Yoga - Our roots.
Accountability - Encouragement for effort, recognition for results.
Education - Improvement of self and the company.
Student-focused - Satisfying and delighting our students.

Law of Reciprocity

We believe yoga should be available to everyone, which is why we offer classes by donation. You can drop into the studio without signing up ahead of time and donate whatever feels right to you. No hidden fees. Just yoga. For everyone. As a donation-based studio, reciprocity acts as the basis for how we exchange value. Reciprocity means that if our intentions benefit even one other person, we too will reap a benefit.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At BSY, we break the box that society puts us in. We believe that Yoga is for everyone and anyone. You do not have to look or feel a certain way to practice with us. In that, we are committed to diversity and inclusion to expand the variety of students who walk through our doors.

We are redefining the status quo surrounding Yoga by fostering an open space that aligns with our core values. This mission wholeheartedly begins with educating ourselves, and holding space for those underrepresented or unseen, as we sweat, breathe, and grow together.



At BSY, we have a mission of creating a fun and uplifting environment for our teachers to enjoy going to work. Our teachers thrive from being empowered to teach yoga their way, without being in a box. We are committed to celebrating their accomplishments, career path, and milestones in the company. Come as you are, be who you are, and click below to apply!

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