White Oak

3210 White Oak Dr
Houston, TX 77007
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White Oak
3210 White Oak Dr
Houston, TX 77007
Classes Offered
We offer classes of all types, shapes and sizes

Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional practice. The set sequence of poses includes many Sun Salutations. This series of poses offer a challenging and foundational practice to build upper body and core strength. This practice is the first form of “flow” yoga. Join this class to develop a solid base of strength and body/breath connection, while honoring yoga’s roots.

Candlelight Slow Flow

This class is a heated slow flow in which you will experience a chill vibe in order to wind down before bedtime. Enjoy a slower practice with added deep stretching. Plus, the ambiance of candlelight at night will add an extra bonus to your practice. We will see you on your mat for candlelight soon!

Beginner Flow

This class is for people seeking the foundations of yoga, refinement of the practice, as well as anyone who is new to yoga. This is a great class to learn pose alignment and ensure you’re practicing safely for your body. Beginner classes are not necessarily easy. This class is empowering and educational.

Power Flow

Our strongest yoga class. Explore your physical edge with power yoga! This is a vinyasa flow class at the next level. Teachers offer a strong, advanced practice that can up level your body and mind. During this class, you might learn new poses such as arm balances and inversions, or maybe you will hold the poses for a longer amount of time. Expect to sweat, be challenged, and grow.


Relax and let go. This peaceful class is not heated and perfect for mental/physical recovery. We combine practices from restorative yoga, yin yoga, meditation, breath work and more to offer a gentle, opening experience. Grab your your props, blanket, blocks and bolsters & come chill out with us!


Flow yoga is our signature class. This is a great class for all levels of people to enjoy. It is a style of yoga that strengthens and stretches the entire body with an emphasis on the power and importance of your breath. It’s a great class to begin with!

Mat Cleaner

We provide environmentally friendly mat cleaner and water for you to use after class.

Mat Rentals

Manduka mat rentals for your convenience.

Free parking

Limited, free parking available in the parking lot the studio. Free street parking.


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Map & Parking
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Open parking available in front of the studio.

How can I reschedule a class?

If you would like to reschedule a class the quickest way would be using the MindBody app. Once you have registered for a class, you can use the same email address given to access your MindBody account. If the class has passed and you'd like to enquire about a class credit, please email us at info@bsyhouston.com

How do I cancel my membership?

If you would like to cancel your monthly membership you can do so on the desktop MindBody website or by sending u san email at info@bsyhouston.com requesting cancelation. Please be sure to cancel your membership before the start of your next pay period, in order to avoid getting charged.

What's the White Oak Studio Like?

The White Oak Studio is located in the Heights neighborhood right along the bike trail. We share a space with Juiceland, where we make a lovely combination. We are a donation based studio, which hopes to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible. We offer several classes thought the day seven days a week. Classes available for all levels of proficiency. Come see us when you're ready to flow

What do new students need?

If you are attending class for the first time please be sure to arrive to the studio 10-15 minutes early. New students will be asked to create a profile on the MindBody system, where they will sign off on the liability waiver we require for anyone to practice(This process can be completed through online class preregistration).

Studio Guidelines:

All students asked to remove their shoes before entering the studio space.

We ask that you silence your phones.

Keep all valuables with you

Any phone recording must be done at the back of the class

Respect the space and each other

What do I need to bring?

Please bring a mat, towel, and water bottle to class. Comfortable athletic wear is recommended. Need to borrow a mat? We have mat rentals for $5, mat towel rentals for $5 ($8 if you rent a Yoga Mat and towel) and $3 personal hand towels for purchase if needed.

Do I need to sign up ahead of time?

Students can either sign up ahead of time online via our website or the MindBody app. We also accept and encourage walk-ins. Just remember all mat space is first come, first served, pre-registrations does not guarantee you a spot. Please note doors remain locked until ten minutes before class. LINES are a thing so give yourself time to park, check in/donate, and set up your space.

Do you offer monthly memberships?

Can’t get enough yoga? If you attend 2 or more classes a week, then consider becoming a monthly unlimited member! At only $98 per month, our membership is the best deal in town. A monthly membership gets you unlimited access to all Black Swan Yoga classes and studios across Texas and beyond! You can sign up whenever and cancel before your next auto draft without any cancellation fees or penalties.

What is a drop-in donation?

We want to make yoga accessible and affordable, so all of our classes are donation-based, meaning that we don’t have a set rate per class. Please feel free to donate whatever is comfortable and available to you! We accept cash and card at the studio, or you can sign up and pay online ahead of time with a card.

What if I left something at the studio?

We keep all valuables nice and safe at the front desk or in our lost & found. Unclaimed items will be donated at the end of the week, so please come by the studio immediately to pick up what was left behind.

Can I bring a guest?

The more yogis the merrier! If you’re bringing a friend or two, please have them sign the online waiver before arriving.

I’m running late, can I still come?

Students have a 5 minute grace period after the listed call time, which allows for any late students who have already pre registered to join. Students however will not be able to join class after these five minutes. If you miss a class and would like to re-schedule please email us at info@bsyhouston.com

Can I bring my child to class?

Little Yogis are welcome to practice with a parent, as long as they have filled out our waiver. We do not offer child care or have a lobby area where kids can hangout, so they must be with their parent at all times. Please ensure your little one is quiet and not disruptive to the class.

Can I rent out the studio for an event? copy

Please reach out to us at info@bsyhouston.com for information regarding setting up private events.

Do you have showers?

The Fannin location is the only one of our three studios which has showers available to use.

Are all the classes heated?

Most of our classes are heated to over 90 degrees. Please feel free to step outside at any time for some fresh air if the heat gets to be too much, and stay hydrated throughout class. For those who have existing medical conditions or are wondering whether you can practice in the heat, please first consult with your doctor. Note, our Yin & Chill classes are not heated.

How much are classes?

We don’t have a set rate per class, so students can donate whatever they feel comfortable with! The suggested donation range is $15-$20, and students are able to pay via cash or card in studio and card on MindBody, if signing up for class in advance. Please note that the minimum online donation is $10 to reserve your spot ahead of time. In studio you are able to pay what you can.

Do I need a membership to attend classes?

Not at all! We are totally drop-in friendly, so anyone can come in and take a class.

Do I need to preregister?

All of our mat space is first come first served. Students can either sign up ahead of time online via our website or the MindBody app. We also accept and encourage walk-ins. Just remember all mat space is first come, first served, pre-registrations does not guarantee you a spot. Please note doors remain locked until ten minutes before class. LINES are a thing so give yourself time to park, check in/donate, and set up your space, and grab any extras you might need (water bottle, props, etc.).

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White Oak

3210 White Oak Dr
Houston, TX 77007

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